Monday, July 25, 2011


A little 'string wallet' for a certain little girl in our Sunday School Class. ( I didn't think she would want a snake!) I love how the self-striping pattern worked itself out and the icord strap felted very nicely. I'm working on one for myself just now, and it is a 'fair aisle' pattern. A learning experience, but I think I've got the 'hang' of it.

More heavy rains today, off and on. Our squash must be growing like mad. I hope to get out there in the morning and pick some. They are great sliced thin on romaine lettuce with tomato, and a bit of dressing.

More knitted sssnakes, which have all found new homes, with little boys in our Sunday School Class, who gladly adopted them. Well, all except for one little man, who declined. =)

Psalm 130:5 "I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope."

May the LORD find us watching for his return. We are told too be watching, with oil in our lamps. I love that, but how often I forget this fact. Jesus is coming again!

'Coming again, coming again;
May-be morning, may-be noon, May-be evening and may-be soon!
Coming again, coming again;
O what a wonderful day it will be-
Jesus is coming again! John 14:3 ' I will come again and receive you unto myself.'


LDH said...

More creativity and talent coming from your sweet heart and skilled hands :) Cute wallet!

Laura Frantz said...

Cat, Oh, love your knitting! I can just imagine how much those boys loved the snakes:) And how thoughtful of you to make a purse for the little girl. It's beautiful. We've been having so much rain here and our poor garden is really struggling, not to mention our deck and hanging baskets. I long for some sun like I had in Philly and Pittsburgh. But at least God gifted me with that:) Bless you for your beautiful blog.

Laura Frantz said...

Please pardon my Cat and not Kat! I sometimes get my K's and C's mixed up, Maggie Ann!

podso said...

Like your little snakes! And the wallet is quite "nifty" (now that's an old word). The chair you fixed up is just the cutest thing--what a great job. I don't know I would have thought to decorate it just the way you did with the two colors--love the top colored white. Great job and it adds such brightness to your sitting area.

I too love old straight chairs. We've been looking for just the right one for a long time and just found it recently for about the same price. :-)