Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At my house....

Here is what I'm doing....knitting my very first 'Fair Isle' pattern. Which happens to be a 'pocket' purse I believe. I got off on the count in the middle there, but even so, its a great learning experience. Hard on the eyes though, zooming in on those charts. And, a big thank you to 'You Tube' for the videos that have helped me with this project. And to the ladies who take the time to send in those wonderful video tutorials!

When I'm in the midst of my knitting and reach for a pencil or scissors, guess what? I cannot find them. Where do they hide from me??? So, I am going to try this vintage tray, with my tools & things laid they do at the dentist's office. Ouch! Why did I have to think of that??

Whoops....I shouldn't have those lollipops sticking out of that adorable creamer, should I? The dentist wouldn't like that but oh my, I love one now and again.

My couch is for 'therapy', knitting therapy and watching 'Wind at my Back' & 'Avonlea'. Ahhh, bliss. And my summer Croc's are unbelievably comfortable, I wear them almost constantly.

Look! Some brave or nutty woman has hung a picture on her porch!! She likes it very much, but what will others think? We'll just have to wait and see!

I absolutely love this photo. Notice how the flag is reflected on the glass of the picture. It just gives the whole setting a patriotic glory, don't you agree? lol. I'm having fun. A different angle and adding the flag changes everything.

How like God this is. Add Him and it changes everything, with a spiritual glory! My husband & I sat out on the backporch swing last evening, swinging and singing hymns to God, while darkness fell soft and velvety all around us. We had the musical accompaniment of a myriad of crickets and the soft light of 3 candles. Hope we do that again soon. I loved it.

'Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.' Psalms 150:6 Which is the very last verse in the book of Psalms. How fitting.


W. Latane Barton said...

Glad you straightened me out... I thought that was a picture of a flag on the wall. Just a reflection. but, beautiful.


This was a wonderful visit. I love the picture of you. I always wondered what you looked like. I knew you would be beautiful and you are. I am happy to find you still making delightful things and loving the Lord. Have a great day.connie

Patsy said...

You are so smart and stay so busy. I have seen that platter before what is it ? I love square ones.

Leedra said...

Your knitting caught my eye from the sidebar of another blog I visit. I just had to come check it out. Fairisle is addictive, so beware. LOL! The best advise I can give, is keep it loose, don't let it get tight as you switch back and forth with the colors.

Mrs. Mac said...

Well .. I'm not sure you're so 'nutty' for hanging the picture outside. Just the other day I saw a front porch and the homeowner had placed a curtain rod across the outside front window and had hung a swag valance (now I did think that was a little different ;)