Monday, May 02, 2011

Our smallest grandson, just having turned 3 years old, and taking a rest during a photo 'shoot'. He is such a joy!

At last! a picture of the knitted face cloth I made. My 7 year old grandson was so 'taken' with it, it was his favorite color and he was so admiring of it, that his own grandmother had made this...that I gave it to him. He took it to bed with him several nights, and even pulled it out of his pocket at church! One of life's many sweet moments...


podso said...

What a sweet picture of your little grandson in a (probably) rare still moment. Same age as my granddaughter. I love the rocker that you found ... and the facecloth is an interesting shape (pretty!) ... is there a history to that shape? Also, I see we are both LarkRise fans! So sad the season ends with #4

Patsy said...

Now that will sure warm your heart. Sweet

LDH said...

Sweet little guy in his spring trousers and looking dapper!

How heartwarming that your 7 year old grandson loves the facecloth so much and likes to keep it near :)

And I love the beautiful photo of you on your sidebar!!! I feel like I know you a little better now as I read each of your posts.

Always a joy stopping by!

Karen said...

What a sweet little boy! And how cute that he loves his face cloth you made for him so much, he took it to church with him! That is adorable.

PS: I love the beautiful photo of you on your sidebar :)

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by.
RE/the monkeys: There were directions in the sock package...(basic construction) and the faces are up to me. Never alike. I actually saw the girlie monkey idea on flickr.
Looking forward to doing the dresses. I had some shopping to do today, so I have not been working on them.
I want to get them done by the weekend. The little granddaughter is going to have her first birthday. Couldn't exactly give the 2yo her monkey and not do one for the birthday girl...then the 6yo needed one, too....and on and on it goes.
You know how it is.