Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Spinning Again!

I prepared these 'rolags' on the drumcarder' which made them into a lengthy 'batt' of wool which I rolled 'jellyroll' fashion. Then I pull the fiber from the end to spin with.

A half-filled bobbin has accumulated already!....long-draw spinning accumulates more single ply yarn faster than a short forward method, for me anyway.

I am spinning again and loving it. This time around I am spinning 'long draw'....and it is SO enjoyable to see the wool pull out into a long strand, rather magically. Here is a link to a youtube video...in which Ruth Mac Gregor demonstrates 'longdraw spinning'. She is a pro! Some of my spinning looks just like her her demo and some not, more thick/thin strands. She has been a great help to me....answering my email questions. I have a double treadle spinning wheel...a 'Lendrum' and love it! Now to get knitting once more. I forget how much pleasure there is in spinning and knitting...any needlework in fact, until I quietly focus on it.


LDH said...

Oh, boy! Look at that! I am going to watch the video and learn about this!

Karen said...

Me, too...I will have to watch it, also! :)

Lorraine said...

ooh look at this..I love watching people spin..I went to the woolfest last year up in the lake district and watched loads of people spinning..great. I am crocheting a blanket at the moment..my second crochet project and its going ok so far:)

Mrs. Mac said...

Wow .. I can't believe how you have come along with your spinning craft/art. I remember when you started with a cd and a dowel :) Just lovely. You have given me so many new book titles to choose from .. will have to check out a few from the library. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for all of spring's beauty .. and a bit of warmth.