Monday, March 28, 2011

Instead of hand towels, on my little bathroom rack I enjoy needlework. So much. Wish you could smell the 'Burts Bee's Rosemary soap, mmm.

And...I enjoy these golden daffodils posing for us in a purple vase by our kitchen sink. Isn't it amazing to have these beauties right outside the door to bring inside? I think so.

And, a favorite of mine is this little wicker bench beside the stained glass piece my husband & I made together one year. Did you ever notice how stained glass just has a vividness about it on an overcast rainy day? Beautiful!

And lastly, a library book with a flower washcloth pattern I want to try. Its been laying on my chaise two weeks now while I run away shopping with hubby, reading and so on. We have grand times but we tire out faster than ever these days.

More time for tea and reading this way though. I try to look on the bright side, and reading and tea are two of my favorite things. Do you have time to visit a beautiful tea blog? I really enjoy visiting here.


LDH said...

Everything is so pretty! Lovely doilies, gorgeous daffodils and beautiful stained glass!

Patsy said...

They are all lovely and you will be knitting soon.

Rosie Rowe said...

That dtained glass window is really beautiful Maggi Ann! All the more so, for the joint effort to create it. =)

Anonymous said...

such a pretty post, gets me really in the spring mode! love the daffodils in the purple vase, great contrasts. your tea blog link makes me crave for some tea and cake early in the morning. have a lovely sunny spring weekend. good luck with the knitting, i'm trying to crochet a poncho :)

Anonymous said...

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