Monday, October 11, 2010

My son took this picture out of the plane window while waiting that extra 40 minutes to take off. Notice all those planes waiting in line? I love it when he sends or brings back pictures he takes while work/traveling. He has a app for his iphone called 'retro camera' and it turns photos into such fun things.

I am spending time being an invalid today, due to my leg injury. I'm going to put in 'Cranford' and watch some of that. There's only one place to fast forward through...when you don't feel well, its ok to pamper yourself and be lazy. And it feels pretty ok too! Though I do wish I could have worked in my flower beds today...

Here are a couple of photos taken with that 'Retro Camera' 'app' I told you about. Fun, huh? I think so.

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