Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I just couldn't resist this ball of yarn with such glorious colors! Would you believe me if I told you it was EXPENSIVE?...made by 'Schoppel Wolle' in Germany. Sheer luxury folks. With the purchase you got a free scarf pattern that is skinny and VERY pretty! The sample scarf was resplendent with many solid stripes of vivid colors. Ahh, now to get it knitted in time for my daughter's Christmas gift. Very do-able. Surely. 'Crazy Zauberball' , crazy for color and brimming with lots of it. The small purse was bought at at craft fair last year, and woven on a loom...another 'pretty' piece of artwork.


Dolly said...

Ooh, luscious yarn !

Oops.......here comes the thunder and rain. Gotta go !

LDH said...

Just gorgeous! Lucky daughter! Talented mom! :)

val said...

The colours are just gorgeous Maggie Ann, your daughter will be so pleased at Christmas with her present :0) We still have lots of green trees, I am sure that autumn gets later every year!
Hope you are feeling better today.
Val xx Oxfordshire UK