Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I can't think where I was when I saw this little handbook all about cellos. But I bought it of course. A good addition to my cello music, I said to myself.

Its a wonderfully warm day outside, and while hubby and I were out walking, a great flock of birds swept all together across the sky, but so low...it was like watching music and poetry in action at the same time. How I wished for my camera at that moment! My Mother used to say...when she saw a group of birds 'on the wing' like that....that they were going to a wedding. I never forgot that. Silly perhaps, yet special.


Patsy said...

This is a wonderful time of the year to take walks. Yes I see how the birds move like a symphony is in play.

podso said...

My dad played the cello. I love the deep tones of a cello. Do you play?

podso said...

yes I learned in school...and my sister the violin, but never did much with it. We did play a duet "Faith of our Fathers" in church on Father's Day one time ... that was the extent of it I guess. We still have my dad's old cello in the the corner at mom's apartment.