Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm cleaning out my craft room once again. I'm wondering if I should get rid of my quilting scraps. And some fabric. Its so hard to part with things, and day-dreamy plans, but when years go by...well I think its time. Less really is more.

Tomorrow I'd like to work on the craft room a little bit more. Yesterday I made some German folded stars....and the wax therapy machine heats the wax to just the right temperature for dipping hands or paper stars.

Another golden summer day is slipping by...but oh boy! its hot!


Dolly said...

I totally understand the desire to rid yourself of some of these "things"......and yet, the tug that makes you walk away and leave them another day.

I make quilts from the SAME fabrics ALL the time, or NEW ones I've just purchased or have been sent by friends. So why do I have chests of drawers full.....on the odd chance that I might NEED this piece or that !!!!!

Ugh !

Happy cleaning to you......I hope you're stronger than I am.

bennie and patsy said...

It is just to hot here I am looking for fall. Stay cool as you can.

val said...

Hi Maggie Ann, it is always good to see your comments on my little blog and for me to read what you are up to in yours! You must feel quite productive inspite of the hot weather :0)
Our sunshine seems to gone for a while and we are having rain. I like rain, that's ok.
God gives us our weather so we shouldn't complain, instead we will weather the weather, whether we like it or not!
May you have a blessed Lord's Day
Val .... Oxfordshire UK

Mrs. Mac said...

We've been busy with company .. but had to stop by and say hello (hello:) ... maybe you can find someone that would appreciate all the fabric scraps and bless them ?

Summer time is best spent away from the computer .. there will be plenty of cold days ahead to make use of visiting in a few months .. Enjoy your time with hubby.

Southern Queen Bee said...

I am the same get rid of it or not. I end up keeping it. I have stopped buying, until I start finishing projects I already started. Have a wonderful weekend, Missy

Saija said...

i admire how you do your regular clean-ups of places ... i confess to falling behind on things lately? the time just runs away so quickly and i am having trouble keeping up!

just popping by - to catch up on waht you are up too ... and to give you a big (hug)!