Monday, March 15, 2010

I wanted to post a picture of this alpaca fiber before I carded it and here is a little bit on the front left...before carding. I got carried away, and almost didn't remember to take its picture at all! I've never had the pleasure of working with alpaca before..It is a perfect dream of softness. To the right are two 'rolags' of alpaca...ready to spin. Beside them are two round 'nests' of half alpaca and half Merino wool carded together. I can't wait to spin them and see the differences. Also the Merino is a cream color but the alpaca is pure white. At the back are three fluffy 'bats' of fiber ready to be spun. Together they have I think...the perfect balance of soft and bounce.

This is a pile of fluffy alpaca waiting to be carded with half 'Merino' wool. Then after two passes through the carder, off will come a fluffy bat of fiber...wish you could feel how soft it is. Thank you 'J' for sending me some of your wonderful alpaca fiber. I love it!

Here's a close-up of the carded alpaca and merino fiber. I simply can't describe how soft this it...its like handling a cloud. I blended the two fibers. What a pair, I can hardly wait to spin it! thanks for stopping by...


LDH said...

This post is so interesting ~ well really all about the different fibers and spinning as the process seems complicated. I enjoyed your post!

Kindly, ldh

val said...

Hi Maggie Ann, I am so glad you stopped by my little blog and for your lovely comments. It is really good to be in touch with another Sister - a real blessing. The 20 Minuters doesn't mean you have to finish something in 20 minutes - just that you try to make at least 20 minutes a day for you to sit and craft .... then you can show what has taken up your time - even if it is one item through a whole month of 20 minutes :0)
Well, that's how I read the rules anyway!
I used to spin (not very well) and love to see what you are up to!
God bless and let's keep popping in and out together .... Val xx

sparrow's song said...

Hello dear friend

I never knew Llama wool could be used and that it was so soft. WoW!

I've been very sick for more than 2 weeks and am just now bouncing back, bless God.

sending hugs

val said...

Hi Maggie Ann, I had a spinning wheel for about two years but when the evening class had to close due to lack of numbers I just lost the energy to keep it going and I didn't live near anyone else who spun. In fact it was viewed as a little "odd" - I also had a four shaft foot loom at the same time but again that went - I found the maths too complicated to work out. But I do love the smell, the feel, and simple goodness of a fleece and that is the part I miss. In recent months though I have often thought of buying a wheel again and having another try. Better go now or you wont have any space on your page!
God bless you - lets keep in touch.
Val xxx