Monday, February 01, 2010

We have been subscribers to 'Family Fun' for several years now. They are a fun-filled publication with lots of crafts and recipes for children to enjoy. (I enjoy it too!..why not? Plus, their website is chock full of things to do and see.

I am having a lazy Monday...well, I want it to be lazy but between doing the everyday pick-up laundry things etc...I'm not exactly sitting on the couch...~yet~!

I did enjoy using a new bar of pine/peppermint soap made by 'shugarsoapworks' made in the U.S.A. How nice is that! And last night after church I tuned in for 'Emma' on PBS. As Winnie the Poo says, 'some of the BEST fun is free'. Must least I posted today, what a nice accomplishment.

I read in an old copy of Family Fun that one family began a blog and invited relatives to read it....they likened it to their family 'newspaper'. What a nice thing to do. Of course it was an 'by invitation' only blog....I liked reading about how their children loved to participate.


bennie and patsy said...

I am glad you did blog and I will look in to family fun.
Have a fun day

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm glad you made an appearance on your blog :) It's always nice to hear from blog friends after an absence. I'm sure having hubby home now your days are ordered a bit different ;) Blessings on your day.