Sunday, September 06, 2009

Remember this rose picture I got at the Good Will? Here it is with new pink and cream mats. It turned out nicer than I could have imagined. (please click on the picture to enlarge it, if you'd like)

Sunday was my husband's birthday...we had a small family party. All of the stained glass makings were hustled out of sight and the family room looked serene and carefree. His sister came over to help celebrate his 62nd! We are a big believer in double layer cakes with candles and the lights turned out. Always! =) Although I did have a lemon meringue pie with candles once or so and loved it. Come to think of it!


Senkyoshi said...

The picture is lovely. Happy birthday to your hubby!

bennie and patsy said...

Happy Birthday to the man of the house and the picture looks lovely.

sparrow's song said...

Pausing to lift your husband in prayer. Wishing him many more birthdays.

What a lovely picture. I do enjoy your taste.

I see your link for J. Vernon McGee. I use to listen to him just before going to bed.

That's just it, I am into A Girl from Limberlost. I knew I'd warm up to it eventually. To be one of my favorites is yet to be seen but I see a wonderful storyline unfolding. I'm at the part where her Aunt and Uncle help her to have her father's violin. I found the dream about witnessing her father's death quite interesting. It allowed her to have a larger portion of compassion for her mother's pain. Her childlike faith just accepts it as an insight from God while her Aunt dismisses it but find herself intrigued to hear Elnora describe his scar.

Karen said...

Your home is so lovely. Happy belated birthday to your husband. Karen