Thursday, September 17, 2009

Guess what we've been doing? Our garden stepped up to 'the plate'...=) the last minute and we hurried to the attic for the canning jars.

What a pretty sight! Well worth all the scrambling in the attic for the jars. And, we are working on staining frames for stained glass. More pictures to come in a day or so about that. Hope you have a pleasant day. The last days of summer it seems.


bennie and patsy said...

They will be so good this winter, you have been a busy lady.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hello Dear Maggie Ann!
I've come back to the blogging world for a time. I just missed you all so much and I wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you!
I took a little browse down through your first page and enjoyed and loved all your cozy and "oh so pretty and charming" rooms and nooks in your home! How nice it is to be able to put up jars of tomatoes from your garden too! And as always-I am encouraged by your love for God, tickled by your sense of humor, and inspired by your amazing ventures into all kinds of arts and crafts!
Thinking of you with love-
Dear sister in Christ,
Claudia O.

sparrow's song said...

I've never done any work with canning jars but I've marveled at them. How interesting to have such things in the middle of winter knowing you were enjoying your own hard work. Kudos!!