Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I love pansies. We have a pot of yellow and deep purple ones that are gorgeous. Wonder why you can't keep them as a houseplant, does anyone know? Another favorite of mine is pink Baby's Breath. It self seeded this year and has popped up in unexpected places. Enjoyable things sometimes come in small packages.

I really enjoyed visiting some lovely blogs today. A tranquil day...with several loads of laundry done. My cello practiced...which was fun. And even some ironing done. Can a girl ask for anything more? Well...=)

"I will love thee, O LORD, my strength." Psalm 18:1


Saija said...

what sunny faces! makes me smile!

sparrow's song said...

I love pansies too. They remind me of my grandmother's house because she would line her walk with them every summer. Sadly, that house is long gone and apartment buildings put up in its place. But her house lives in my memory as I could walk through each room. If I closed my eyes, I hear voices and see faces of loved ones. These are treasures we take with us when we move on from this world.

I'm glad to know you still keep on with your cello. Such a beautiful instrument.