Saturday, June 27, 2009

Photobucket Look! I just learned how to blur faces in a Only-the picture is too large and I clicked on medium pic in Blogger here. Oh no! Blogger resized the pic and cut part off. ( but,if you click on this pic it will show you the whole photo)

Anyway, this is a part of our happy Vacation Bible School class. The 'Mansoulians' (representing man's soul, in the fight between Godliness and the evil ones) and the kids with the white helmets on were the bad guys besieging the castle walls. The Ear Gate first of all. Oh be careful little ears what you careful little eyes what you see, for the Father up above is looking down in love...we had a great week!

I'm getting ready to order a copy of this print for each child to have for their own. It will go out in the mail next week with a helpful tract. May God continue to work in their hearts the rest of the summer and beyond. Just thought you might like a glimpse!

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Mrs. Mac said...

You are getting very creative with photo tricks, Maggie Ann :) I'm glad you are able to teach VBS to the children. Looks like you've added your special touch to the Bible lesson too :)

(I just posted a blog about taking care of bar soap over at "The Thrifty/Garden Home :)

Have a blessed Sunday