Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I am just taking a 'tea' break...well not this fancy but pleasant none the less. I'm having Hedley's 'Rooibos' South African tea...flavored with wild cherry and very pleasant. And, I'm about to renew my library books. Renewing online is simply a pleasure. No worrying about when they are due. Just pop online and see.

Bible school is going well, the children are excited and learning Bible verses and earning points to participate in the nightly skit. Praise God that we still have the freedom to teach the gospel....but for how long I wonder. In God we trust. Wishing you a great day. It is here, our air conditioning man just fixed our ac! Oh, bliss!


Winifred said...


I'm confused, well that's not unusual for me. Why are you worried about not having the freedom to teach the Gospel? Is something happening in the USA that may prevent you?

We've just had a fantastic sunny day but luckily we have some nice breezes to cool us. No need for air conditioning! Glad yours is fixed.

sparrow's song said...

Is that vacation bible school? I used to love that as a child. And later in life I enjoyed being part of parents involved. I hope yours is a total success with fond memories.

bouncing in thought...
Our American freedoms are slowly being stripped from us. If they took the bible out of school, next they'll want to take it out of church. Some so-called Christian churches are already re-writing the gospel to make it according to man. To speak out against this apostasy is not PC but it is the prelude to the falling away or taking away of the saints so that the man of perdition will be revealed. Even our President says we are no longer a Christian nation..well, not just a Christian nation any longer. Many wish to aim to be a non-religious country and enforce the separation of church and state.It is only a matter of time before the gospel of Christ and true biblical teachings will be considered hate speech. It's already brewing.

Winifred said...

Oh dear that sounds bad.

This is supposed be a Christian country too but sometimes you wonder.

It seems that people can say anything they like about Christianity but it's not the same for other religions. The PC brigade drive me batty about lots of issues. Seems like there's one law for some and another for the rest of us.

Mrs. Mac said...

If I had a moment I'd love to join you for some tea. My parents left this morning after a two week stay ... I'm trying to get some of the inside housework done today; stuff that got neglected from visiting and sight seeing. .. and tonight I have my little grandson spending the night so his parents can take a much needed date night. Hubby and Ann are out of state ... Nathan is in bed ... and soon the wee one .. then I can really relax and fall asleep. I'm itching to get started with spinning yarn ... soon :)

Praising God ... with you for the time being that we can still preach the Gospel. But for how long? God's Word can not be snuffed out. It can not hide. But man can turn his back on the Truth .. only to suffer the consequences. The simplicity of the Gospel is so overshadowed by our uncivilized world.

On a lighter note ... have a lovely weekend.


I loved your tea. It was so pleasant to share it with you.

I am glad your a/c has been fixed. It has been so hot and humid on the coast of Texas. I hope it hasn't been so hot where you are.

May we never lose of freedom to be able to teach and preach the gospel. Oh what a tragic loss that would be. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. connie