Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is a different take than the media gives us. Listen with me to Alan Keyes. Oh what courage it takes to speak the truth sometimes. Thank you Mary for posting this! It is certainly food for thought. (click on Alan Keyes)


Senkyoshi said...

Thanks for the book recommendations. I got some Lynn Austin after your recommendation and LOVED them!!!!

sparrow's song said...

How right you are!! Unfortunately, most of the main media is liberally bias. It is very unpopular to speak anything that's supportive of conservative values or view points.

bouncing in thought...As Christians we are naturally counter cultural. It grieves me to witness a few individuals trying to blend in with the world in order to win them to Christ. That isn't winning anyone since Faith comes by hearing the Word of God alone. They've merely changed someone's mind for the moment or caught their attention. Only the Power of God can change a Life.