Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We have been needing new kitchen chairs but my husband and son insisted they had to swivel or roll. (We like to roll about the kitchen to get things out of the fridge while at the table, and the chairs are ever so comfy I do admit!)

But, our kitchen table is rather vintage and has these crossbars supports under the ends of its rectangle shape. Which, make it impossible for any normal size chair to fit under the table. I have been dropping hints about using desk chairs for a while and finally my sweet hubby gave me the chance,(since nothing else was working out!) I think it was at Best Buy...we found these comfortable chairs, brought them home, assembled them and yes! they fit under the table perfectly. So...I sewed them new dresses to wear for the occasion although their brown leather 'look' does nicely too.

I am so sleepy today but I honestly think I got TOO much sleep last night. Really. I took my library books over to the library this morning and bought 1 movie and 5 books from their 'sale' shelf. Then I stopped in at our Goodwill and bought more books and a kneeling pad for the garden. All for under $10...big grin. I'm going to run a Clorox wipe over their covers next. Now you know I'm a germ-o-phobia person.

I'm looking forward to planting some seeds this week-end. Isn't this break in the weather heavenly? I'm ready for spring, though I will miss the cozy warmth of the woodburner in the spring. I don't like that part of spring where its wonderful outside and chilly inside.

"Then he stopped and listened, and everything stopped and listened with him, and the Forest was very lone and still and peaceful in the sunshine, until suddenly a hundred miles above him a lark began to sing." "The House at Pooh Corner" by A.A.Milne

Oh how I love the way books can carry you away on drifts of thought...places you've been many times but had forgotten the delight of...or the recovery from sadness of...and such. A gift from our Father, indeed.


Winifred said...

I love the covers on your chairs, looks like a French toile. Nice work!

I decided I wasn't buying any more books, no space left and I use the library too. I do buy books from our local charity shop to take on holiday. I leave them there for others to enjoy after I've left. I'm into recycling!

bennie and patsy said...

Great idea for the rolling chairs.And there is a goodwill store I will have to check out for books. Thanks have not thought about books there.

Mrs. Mac said...

I really like the practicality of your chairs and the beautiful covers you made. Sorry you couldn't find the link for the news paper seed pots so here it is. I'll leave it in the side bar of my Thrifty Garden/Home blog too. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice message regarding my son's departure from military service ... and my birthday. Hugs

Wyldhare said...

You came up with such a creative solution to your kitchen chairs! Thank you for the nice comment on my blog about my quilt block.

Anonymous said...

Your chairs look so sweet with their pretty covers!

We are nowhere near seed-planting time here; still thigh-deep in snow with more freezing temps in the forecast. It's cozy inside, though.

LDH said...

The covers on your new chairs are so nice ~ Very creative!

Ann said...

Happy Saturday! I haven't been by for a little while! I love the new chairs. And I love your little quote at the end of the post about books. Lovely!

sparrow's song said...

Rolling chairs in the kitchen. That's brilliant! Love the color of the covers as well.

I think you're smart to use the wipes on whatever you deem necessary. We've begun to use Purell hand sanitizer gel, especially after using store carts. Eww.

you shared,
"I love the way books can carry you away on drifts of thought..."

Great imagery.

Pooh bear is one of my favorites as well as Peter Rabbit. btw, I do so like your cuteness blog logo.

Saija said...

you are such a creative person! it looks great ... and so cozy ...

hope you got rested up!