Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am so enthusiastic about getting some seeds planted so that is just what I did this morning. I planted some rose color 'wave petunias' and a package of nasturtiums. Last night we were out and stopped at Lowe's and of all things they had 4inch pots of ferns reduced to 30 cents each. Can you imagine! I took three of them and also a beauty of an African violet, a white one with deep purple edgings. I wish I'd thought to take a picture of it for blogging. But, I didn't. Another time. I got the kit pictured here at a local drug store and need to get these planted. Friends, I don't do things halfway...grin. Its all or nothing for me! Only one of my many faults...should I be happy or saddened by that I wonder.

I bought this book at our local Goodwill the other day, remember I told you? The cover is so pretty and appealing. The title is 'Shades of Earl Grey' by Laura Childs. At first I couldn't get into it...but you know what...I'm enjoying it more and more. Its a mystery that centers around a quaint tea shop such as I've never enjoyed the likes of...giggle. The lady has a tea master who gives tea demos, and is a master tea blender and dresses up to beat the band. Of course they serve all kinds of cookies and goodies fresh baked with their teas. Of course.

Tomorrow will find us at church, the start of a week of revival meetings...and worship. We owe the Lord so much, I'm so thankful for Calvary and the Bible. I believe in a burning hell because God says that its so and I believe in a wonderful heaven for the redeemed.~~~~ Oh, drat, I forgot to watch Mike Huckabee tonight. Now, I'm downright sad about that. Oh well. Newt Gingrich was great last night...I'm praying God will raise up voices that stand up against the tide of liberalism. I read a quote recently that said four thousand babies are slaughtered every 24 hours. That deserves punishment in my books. America is seeing God's judgement now, whats to come?....This isn't a political blog but every once in a while I have to say something about things.

This picture reminds me of our own precious twins. Every birth a precious miracle..and what if someone had murdered us before we were born?! Outrageous. When we brought our twins home from the hospital, we laid them in the same crib one at each end. After a while when we checked on them, time after time they had wiggled together, touching. It sounds crazy but thats the way it happened. They were such sweeties, good tempered and pleasant, never crying much unless they were hungry. I'd better get to bed. I'm pretty sure a virus has its hands on me. I've been so fatigued all week, along with some chills and aches. Goodnight! I hope you have a sweet Sunday.

"So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me: for I trust in thy word." Psalms 119:42 "....thy word hath quickened me.."Psalms 119:50b


bennie and patsy said...

Happy Sunday to you. With all of this snow we have it killed all plans to sew seeds for now.

Mrs. Mac said...

How did your seed planting project go? Mine have sprouted and are sitting in my mini greenhouse in front of the French door to soak up sunshine. I'm so excited. Just finished up my first knitted dish cloth tonight. I found a demo website with video clips. I finally had to drag my knitting up to the computer to watch how to bind off the last row. It's made with a garter stitch. Not fancy ... but very functional. Natural ecru soft cotton yarn. The next one might sport a waffle pattern if I get brave :)

Saija said...

hope your meetings are going well ...

and so many of my blog buds have spring fever ... getting ready for planting ... i'm just hoping for a wee bit of 32F type of weather ... we still have atleast 3 weeks to go with the winter stuff!!!!!

the Lord is teaching me patience! *smile*