Thursday, November 06, 2008

Reading for Children...

When my daughter was in the 3rd grade or so...she was home sick from school and oh so bored! She had never been interested in reading ..having a twin that was a boy and they played with cars and 'big wheels' pretty much nonstop.I read aloud to her that day and part way through that book, she took it and devoured the rest of the pages. From that day on she has been an avid reader. I'm wondering what that book was called. The Bobbsey Twins perhaps? or The Happy Hollisters? or maybe one of the 'HoneyBunch' books. I found this poem and liked it, it reminded me of 'J' and the day she fell in love with reading!

I did it!
I did it!
Come and look
At what I’ve done!
I read a book!
When someone wrote it
Long ago
For me to read,
How did he know
That this was the book
I’d take from the shelf
And lie on the floor
And read by myself?
I really read it!
Just like that!
Word by word,
From first to last!
I’m sleeping with
This book in bed,
This first FIRST book
I’ve ever read!
~ David L. Harrison ~
(from Somebody Catch My Homework)


Homespun Simplicity said...

Hi, Maggie Ann!

Hope you're having a good day! Did your daughter like Nancy Drew books? My daughter loves them! My son always liked Hardy Boys--and still does, and found some very old ones, dated from 1927, with the original brown covers at a used book sale. He likes old stuff like I do, and so that's a real treasure for him.

Hey, thanks for posting your "quirkiness" on your blog. Fun reading! :-)


Winifred said...

That's a lovely poem. Thanks

Saija said...

you've just opened up a "can of memories" for me!!!

there was trixie belton books too ... and the lennon sisters ... and a talking pig somewhere along the way! *grin*