Saturday, August 30, 2008

This is the fleece of 'Gracieanne' a Shetland sheep. It was supposed to be in the previous post, (I just made) but I missed it somehow. Isn't this a beauty! Usually my fleece is not in a neat roll so this is pretty fun.
Here is a sample of the black fleece from 'Gooseberry'
Looke how I wrecked our family room! Drying fleece it!
Some newly carded fleece...isn't it pretty!
It sure makes a pretty picture and its so fluffy, light as air almost. This is what I've been doing since fast as I can. I'm off to check over the Sunday School lesson things and hear my husband practice his solo for tomorrow. Every day seems to fly by as I get older and wiser but alas not always more efficient. I hope if you're here,and have the time you will scroll down through the previous post and see the rest of the fleece pictures. Blogger wouldn't let me post that many all together. Please, don't forget to leave me a comment..I love it when you do. Hope your Sunday is restful, beautiful and worshipful.


Anonymous said...

Leaving a a...a... a... choo! comment.

Marie said...

Well, if you love it, I'll leave it! Have a blessed day at church tomorrow with your dear husband.

Saija said...

this reminds me of my mom's ... i could just smell the wet fleece ...

blessings on you!