Saturday, August 30, 2008

I have been so busy this week! Here is a picture of the Shetland sheep fleece we bought Tuesday night. We bought this fleece from 'Gracieann' and also a black one from a Shetland sheep named 'Gooseberry'. My friend came down and helped me wash them. We worked for hours as fast as we could. I am six shades of grateful to her for coming to the rescue! It was a LOT more wool than I thought it would be. Thank you again J.
Here we are after a bath in very hot tap water with lots of Dawn detergent in it. In fact this fleece had two baths and two rinses. Those sheep sure know how to get dirty, but then I don't suppose they get any baths unless it rains.
'J' and I have now pulled some of the locks of fleece apart. When they dry, they will be ready to card or comb for spinning. Maybe I'll get around to doing a little video of the combing.
Here you can see the black fleece laid out and being given its bath in the pink 'bathtubs', chunk by chunk. I have temporarily wrecked our family room. There is wool everywhere! and then some more!

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Gina E. said...

MaggieAnn, this is fascinating! I know quite a few people who spin their own wool, but I've never really taken much interest in it, certainly not to the point of doing it myself. It is probably more common in Australia and New Zealand than anywhere else, considering the number of sheep in our countries! Thank you for taking the time to describe and photograph all the steps involved in getting the wool ready to use.