Thursday, September 27, 2007

I just had to post about two new additions to my library. This is the most fabulous knitting book....I am tickled pink, to get it! It shows how to make edgings and even a knitted flower using fringe and knitted leaves, bobbles and you name it, it just might be here. The only thing I'm not smiling about, is the few patterns women's size sweater I like, but lots of other goodies for me to try out. Including pillows' bobble edgings, etc. And...doesn't the scrapbooking book look delightful? This takes will-power, but it must be put in the closet for a Christmas gift for Maggie Ann. Ahhh....only a few more months, and just for the moment I can draw inspiration and ideas from the front & back cover. That would be ok, wouldn't it? ...grin.


Anonymous said...

Hey you......i was just thinking that I need to come visit your blog when I got on the computer and then I checked my email and saw your comments. You always say the nicest things and I love that you see the stories cuz when I am creating there is always a little story in my head :o) I am sick...again.....yuck! Just hope the wee one doesn't get it from me. He is the one that gave it to me, lol. Guess what, it is picture day today at his school and I can't foresee him sitting there for any length of time for them to get a pic, lol. Hope all is well with you. That scrapbooking book looks fabulous. I haven't seen that one before. Re: moo cards. I was wondering what the true size was also cuz I kept seeing different sizes posted and then went to the site and saw the measurements in mm and was thinking 'what happened to I gotta find a conversion table'. LOL. Thanks for figuring it out for both of us. Have a great weekend. It's almost here. Sorry for the ramble but I can't help but talk to you :o)

p.s. Got coo weather? Send me some!

Anonymous said...

That was meant to say 'cool' weather. Don't worry I am okay....just blame it on me running a fever :o)

mamaluke said...

Hehehe you are so funny, I am similar too when browsing books on ebay, sometimes the covers are just enough inspiration for me that day! Also, just pooped over to say the new Salt faith challenge is up... Joy!

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm sure mamaluke meant popped over (lol) ... How clever of you to put away a Christmas gift for yourself, Maggie Ann ;) I don't know anything about knitting ... but that scrapbooking magazine/book looks positively interesting.

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hi Maggie Ann!
I wish I had time to learn knitting! I admire so many different kinds of handwork! My daughter gave me a punch needle and pattern for my birthday. It's like rug hooking on a very miniature scale--somewhat easier, but you still have to get the hang of it. I love the patterns that are out there.
The scrapbooking book looks soooo good! I know you'll enjoy it!
Blessings-Claudia O.