Friday, September 07, 2007

How peaceful the countryside is in September...all the flowers are in full bloom, and the world of locusts and crickets are singing. Too bad its a farewell Farewell to summer.
Did you know that there are web sites that are online calculator's for figuring out yarding conversion etc. for knitting? DIY had an informative program today with this info and more in it. I only caught the tail end of the program, but if you look up Knitty Gritty for Sept. 7th, you can find this info and more.
And, here is a blog started by Dr. Richard J. Rosenbluth , 'lending his expertise to the cause of helping senior adults with cancer and thier loved ones.' This caught my eye in the should be really helpful and supportive to people dealing with cancer.


Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hi Maggie Ann,
Just wanted to stop by and say a quick Hello! and let you know I'm thinking of you! Please feel free to use my scans--So happy you liked them. I still do not have much time to blog and I miss visiting all. Just loved and enjoyed all your collages!
Hope to be back to "normal" in a couple of weeks!
Praying for you always! Love Ya!
Claudia O.

sparrow's song said...

This looks like an old postcard. My grandmother wanted to throw a handful of these out but we saved them from the trash bin. What a waste that would have been. This one is lovely.

A farewell to summer indeed. *sniff* I'm hanging on to it with both hands, enjoying the last of our days at the beach.


Maggie Ann, Hi! We have had a wonderful summer here on the coast and I sure hate to see it end but I love the fall also.

I love the beautiful card. It is so pretty.

I really like the sight for seniors with cancer. It might be a good one to have one day. Hope you have a beautiful Lord's Day. connie from Texas

Mrs. Mac said...

Last night I stepped outside to hear the crickets ... usually they are making music as loud as a marching band ... but indeed there was a more hushed tone to their tunes ... indeed the beginning of their farewell song. I just love this time of year when a person can start to settle in and slow down a bit before winter's sleep is here. Enjoy your day (Sunday).

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to the site re cancer. Newly diagnosed and chemo a nightmare.

Where has God gone? I am so scared and so alone.

Thanks for stopping me crying into my computer once again. Nobody cares and Church won't support me. Told them and not one person has so much as bothered to pick up the phone or send a card or even acknowledge I am in existence. I am so so upset. Why does God let me suffer like this.

Mrs. Darling said...

I love that picture. It capturs the feel of things.

Amy said...

hi Maggie, just wanted to say hi, wondered how you're doing...*hugs*

Senkyoshi said...

Hi! I loe the cards you have posted. I'm sorry I have been so out of touch. With the trip and now computer problems, my life is a little topsy-turvy right now. Thanks you for the award. I hope to acknowledge it soon.