Friday, March 23, 2007

Yesterday we went shopping and I thought I'd show you my fun bargains. The chalks were on clearance for $1.00 each. The Memories soft lilac stamp pad was gotten with my 40%coupon. The happy face stickers plus a bunch of others were 59 cents for the lot. The fun Rhonna Farrer clear stamps were unmounted. I mounted them on really thick foam board using double-faced tape made especially for the foam board. Not fun, but I finally got them done and love the new assortment and for only $3.00! Also pictured here is a beautiful ribbon yarn in varigated purples and blues' etc. The flower stamp on a wood block was from Michael's dollar bin. Can't wait to try these out! Hoping for you a day filled with contentment and God's love because of John 3:16.

This is what I've been doing today, making my 3 bean soup. I love this soup, its nutritious and lasts for days. Each time I make it it turns out a little differently, depending on the seasonings. In case you'd like to try it..I will post the recipe...which is mostly made up, after a yummy restaurant soup that I liked.

3 cans different type beans, rinsed

2- 15 ounce cans diced tomatoes

1 large can..28 oz. crushed tomatoes in puree.

3 or so stalks of celery, cut in small pieces

1 cup of dry pasta, I like orzo and tiny star pasta

  • 2 bouillion beef cubes

  • 1 small can tomato sauce

  • 2 cups water

  • seasoning of your choice, I use roasted garlic/parmesan cheese dipping spices sprinkled in

  • generous pinch of dried parsley

  • several 'steakems' fried and crumbled/or leftover ham cubed...etc. whatever you have...

  • Combine all in large pan and simmer until celery is done but still a little crunchy and pasta is done.


Amber said...

what wonderful bargains! The soup looks delicious! Looks like you will be busy crafting over the weekend!

Amy said...

Maggie, you're so creative! I wouldn't even know what to do with such lovely stamps and the food in your plates looks delicious! I"d join you for lunch any day if I didn't have to take the plane from half a world away :-)

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

The soup looks delicious!

I'm going to update my recipe blog this weekend. I get so involved with the regular blog, I never leave enough time for the recipes!

Yet, I love to see what other people are cooking.

Dawn said... the Rhonna stamps...
I'll be looking for something made with all your stash..!

Misc. Muse said...

What a beautiful blog! I love blogs- you can see people personality through them. I found your's through Brendas. I loved the stamps you found. What company where they from?

Pam said...

Bargains galore! You will have to show us what you create with your new finds!

Saija said...

the way you have the bowls lined up, cups in the background, lighting ... why, it looks like artwork! really!!

Lorraine said...

Hello Maggie - I just cooked some soup from your recipe, and it was delicious! - many thanks. The Victorian Thread Holder you liked on Sylvia's blog (it is crocheted) can be found on the internet i.e. Carol Alexander's Talking Crochet 27 Dec 2006 Vol 3 17.