Saturday, February 10, 2007

Remember the antique mall we shopped at recently? Well, this round doiley was one of the fun treasures I brought home. ~~Last night I finally made the switch to the new 'Blogger' and it went well. The old blogger seemed to slow down my pc time something awlful (in addition to its 'normal' spite of linksys high speed). And, day before yesterday I installed Norton 2007. My son just un-installed it and downloaded the free version of AVG anti-virus and thier free anti-spyward. Norton required me to remove my spyware program and also my ad-aware. Not only that but when my son unchecked one of thier safty features because my pc seemed bogged down...speed wise, Norton removed my address bar, deeming me not discerning enough to make safe choices. That did it! ...son promptly started removing Norton. Too much control is not good he said. I had just run the Norton 2o007 and it found nothing abnornal. My pc is getting on in years now...its 3! Does anyone else have problems along this line with Norton? ~~~If you are here visiting, thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great week-end. We may be off to the symphony tonight...but oh its cold outside!!!


Amy said...

I have fixed many computers that have had unending problems with Norton, especially in the fact that it completely changes their settings and seems to miss certain viruses. I stumbled upon a new anti-virus ware last year called Kaspersky which we pay for but it's the best yet...

Britt-Arnhild said...

My grandma had a doiley exactly like this :-) I love it.

Amber said...

Your house looks so warm and inviting Maggie Ann.

I don't know a thing about computers so I can't help you there. I still need to fix some things on my blog but am scared I will mess something up.

I hope you make it to the symphony. That is something I have not done but hope to do someday. Have a wonderful day and stay warm!

Peggy said...

Your home is looking cozy and inviting as always. Have a great weekend.

Ann said...

I made the switch too but now I can't get on my blog to make changes! I'm frustrated. Not sure what is going on. So no updates for now. I may have to start over.

Ann said...

Well, after I left the post on your blog I could then access my blog! Great! I've got some Valentines I've made so check back soon. They will be on my art blog so check under my profile!

Ann said...

I got everything working on my blog. Hurrah! I forgot to mention I love your new doiley. Very pretty and a great find! And I loved the story about the Rose's! I didn't cry which I ususally do but I did feel sad and then happy. Ann

Mindy said...

We just bought a new Norton systemworks...we shall see how that goes...Love the doily that you pretty! Stay cozy...Blessings to you my friend!

gramma_s said...

So I am not the only one frustrated with Norton? It was on my computer when I bought it and then it expired and I tried to update it, it said I din't have enough memory (I just now thought of it, that's probably my problem, I don't have enough memory. lol) anyway Norton wouldn't up load or download (I don't know which) but now everytime i turn my computer on I get a message that i should update because there is some new virus thretening my computer

Terry said...

Dear Maggie-ann...Thank you for all the times you have been visiting me and I am so sorry I have not even written you lately although I HAVE been enjoying your postings!
You mentioned that you have changed to the new blogger.
Is it better?
I am always afraid to try a new thing.
I know when I downloaded windows explorer 7, I lost some of my programs and had a lot of trouble with it.
I have little trouble with Norton.
The only trouble I had with them was trying to get some rebates that they owed me, but I fought and won tHAT battle!
I think that the next time I have to renew it, I will switch over to Mcfee[spelling?]
Bernie has this both on his computer and on his lap top and he has no trouble at all with it.
Funny though ...both of these are from the same company.

I STILL remember when that sweet Sabine turned over to the new Blogger.
It was funny..She said she did it and then wondered if she had made a mistake!
I miss her.....Love Terry

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Maggie I love that doiley. I would love to have a pattern for that too. I have never had troubles with Norton. I have had Mcafee and decided to switch back to Norton. I think one is as bad as the who knows....Just go with the one that causes you the less problems. Nice to see your home. so warm and cozy looking!! I have a post up today if you find yourself having time. Sandy

Kindred Spirit said...

Hi Maggie,

I logged on to the Google Blog Spot to see if I would be able to leave you messages. Wish me luck. I've been trying for soooooo long now. I love the doiley by the way. I've tried posting now about four times. So here goes.
Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit said...

Dear Maggie,

Hallelujah it went through!!!

I am so happy I can leave you comments now.

When my son up-dated my computer I think my blog spot was wiped out. It's not in my favorites anymore. Maybe that is why Google didn't recognize me as a blogger.

Oh, happy day!!!!

Kindred Spirit

Julieann said...

Hi Maggie Ann,
Your doily for the table is just lovely. As for switching blogs, I did--mine did not go very smooth though--OOPS--I did post all about it though..(LOL)

Anyway, thank you so much for coming by for a visit---Hope to see you again--I will be back:)


Saija said...

what a beautiful tablecloth you found! i have some like that too that my aunts have made me over the years - real treasures ...

another frigid day here ... brrrrrrrrr

blessings to you!

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

My son-in-law takes care of any serious problems we might have with our computers. So thankful for that! My husband does a lot too, but doesn't have the time he used to for it now that he pastors full time. I haven't changed to the new blogger yet, but think I'm going to.
I love the way your new doiley adds just the right touch of warmth and charm to your lovely room!

Mrs. Darling said...

Yep blogger forced me to switch. One day last week I jsut couldnt get on my dashboard unelss I made the switch. I didnt want to but now I'm glad I did. Its so much faster!