Friday, January 05, 2007

The vintage Homer Laughlin plates I was telling you about. (only the yellow ones). I never knew they made so many different designs! Love it....=). Now they are known for their Fiesta Ware line, which I love and have a huge collection of. Just sharing my bargain shopping. Three plates for $5.00. A good buy, even if they are crackled with age.

"When I'm giving a dinner things often go wrong. I'm far from perfection as host.~~~At least I have never apologized though~~~Let this be my one humble boast ." Rebecca McCann

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Terry said...

Deae Maggie-ann...Katy has dishes like the plate here that has the flowers on them.
I will try and take some pictures tomorrow when I am there of some of her other dishes. She can't remember what some of them are called and it would be really interesting for her to know! She is 86 and even has some dishes that belonged to her great gramma!

Have a nice weekend and quit tempting fat me to make some of these yummy looking chocolates ...Not nice Maggie-ann...Love Terry