Friday, October 13, 2006

We have been making music at home son & I. Violin & Cello in sweet harmony.

"There's a new song in my heart....Since the Saviour set me free; There's a new song in my heart-Tis a heavenly harmony!

All my sins are washed away, In the blood of Calvary; O what peace and joy, Nothing can destroy, there's a new song in my heart." hymn "There's a New Song in my Heart" by John W. Peterson


Dawn said...

Wish we could all hear you playing together..

Shelley said...

That must have been great fun!

Mary said...

Hello Maggie Ann,

I also wish I could hear you play. Music is a wonderful gift.
Those instruments are also beautiful works of art. They look so pretty there together.

Saija said...

you just make my restless heart smile!

sparrow's song said...

What a treasured time you had with your son. Perhaps soon, I'll have one with my son.

All my sins are washed away, In the blood of Calvary

There is something truly wondrous about the Blood that warms my heart with thanksgiving.

It is the Blood of Christ that has the power to wash away not only my sin but also the sins of everyone who puts their whole faith in His work on the Cross. He cried out, "It is finished". Amen, and complete unto salvation. Faith in Christ alone is sufficient for salvation. Our good works and Fruits of the Spirit will follow when we are truly regenerated/born again.

Elizabeth said...

I always wanted violin lessons. Unfortunately, my brother got them...and then quit after a couple I think my parents didn't take me seriously.