Thursday, October 12, 2006

Can anyone help me by translating this German label into English? I would sure appreciate it....thank you!!


Mary said...

Hi Maggie,

Go to and type in german to english in the search engine and you should be able to find a site that will let you type in the words and then it will translate them for you. I wasn't quite sure of the letters on the label and you may have to translate one word at a time. Hope it works for you.


homemakerang said...

NOPE! cant help you there... I still read and sorry i dont post as much... the beta blogger through me for a while and i have found a way to get around it now :) are you switched to beta yet?

Isabelle said...

Pflanzen means "plants" and Färberei means "dyes". So Pflanzenfärberei means "vegetal dyes".
Planfzenfarbte is a past participle: "dyed with plants".
Märchen to me means "fairy tale" and Wolle of course means "wool" - so maybe that is the brand of the wool? "Fairytale wool"?
The last two words are the place were the wool comes from.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I was going to tell you to go to google too but I see Mary already thought of it. You will get a complete answer I bet. Hope your day is going great..Sandy

Anonymous said...

Isabelle is right. My English far surpasses my German now, but German was my first language, and I was easily able to read the label.

Belinda said...

Google wouldn't help you much since the word-by-word translation is fairy tale wool. I'm also a felter not a spinner tough. But Märchenwolle is quite rough wool I don't like to use for wet felting (prefer it soft). Ideal for needle felting and for blending with soft merino wool or with nuno felting. As for spinning, it might just blend in with other fibers? Anyway, it's all naturally dyed, so you're good. Have fun with the German wool and enjoy the Toblerone!