Monday, October 02, 2006

Our son is in Switzerland on a business trip this week and just sent pictures home. Oh the technology in this day and age we live in, how amazing! He took these yesterday & today I imagine, and here I am seeing the same things he is seeing via the internet. He says Bern is very beautiful and relaxing. Raining yesterday though.

Today I have been busy cooking and changing bed clothes for my sick hubby, who has the flu and according to what others say who have had it, he has about 3 more 'dog days'.

I helped out at church this morning, packing up things left over from a yard sale, and home to cook etc. Duty calls, and sometimes she doesn't leave much left over for the fun stuff....cello practise awaits and I am still drawn to my spinning and struggling to learn another technique called 'spinning from the fold'. I must push on here....I am so fond of my blogging friends...and hope to come visiting soon. Hope your week is off to a good start!

" I take a star, ....the scent of rain,....A bird song light as bubbles-.....With these I weave a shining veil....And cover up my troubles. Rebecca McCann Just a bit of whimsey, but don't you love it =).


Anonymous said...

Maggie Ann......that picture is gorgeous. I would love to actually be standing there to see it in real life. I hope your hubby gets well soon....the flu is nooooo fun :o(

Saija said...

i think i gave the flu to leo ... :o( ... though it wasn't the feverish type ... it was the sore throat, cough, stuffed up one ... blah! hope your sweetie mends up soon, so that you can rest!

love the pics and notes you've posted ... blessings to you ... you happy little cello playing spinner! *grin*

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Maggie Ann...Nice to hear from you and hear what you are up too today. This has been a busy day for me today and tomorrow is going to be the same. I will probably not get to post. Hope your hubby gets well soon. I was very close to pneumonia last week but thank the people that make the wonderful drugs I am so much better today. Take care. Sandy

Mrs. Mac said...

Hope dear hubby is soon on the mend! Praying for a speedy recovery :) Don't you just love whimsey? The poem that is :) such sweet nonsense :) How nice to have a son send you "instant" pictures from his adventure in Switzerland. Have a nice evening, Maggie Ann.

Mindy said...

Beautiful picture Maggie Ann!!! Get well prayers for your hubby!!! Blessings to you and yours..