Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Here is my first attempt at taking 2 'singles' and plying them together. I love the colors together, but some of my ply is nice and snug and a few places it has untwisted on me. I'm going over to Marlene's and get advice. Right away!.... I'm having a great day. Last night we were out shopping and picked up two side?chairs for our living room. They are quite a challenge and I don't know if we can make them work or not. I'll post a picture of them later....fair warning, they are oh so ornate, but at $25.00 each...worth a try we thought.

"My foot standeth in an even place; in the congregations will I bless the LORD." Psalm 26:12


Anonymous said...

I love you yarn. You must have such fun and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. I love the pictures of Switzerland too. You blog is so pleasant to read. Temmy

Karen Twombly said...

What pretty yarn! I think whether or not you are completely happy with the result, it would look beautiful knitted/crocheted. Those parts that you hope to improve would bring texture to it. Let us know what you learn. I would love to spin someday!
Have a wonderful day!
Karen Twombly

Mindy said...

Pretty colors!! Love to see those chairs..what a find!! Blessings dear Maggie Ann..

Mrs. Mac said...

What a great hobby ... spinning! Hope the chairs work out for the room; can't wait to see pictures. Have a great day.