Thursday, October 19, 2006

A close-up of the chair. Pretty ornate, but for $25.00....maybe we can work with it and if not, we can take them to the resale shop.


Sharon Kay said...

The chairs are just beautiful. What a wonderful find. Just looking at your picture I could see a round table with a long cloth and old family pictures siting in between the chairs. Your room is lovely by the way......

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Beautiful ornate back...I think it is gorgeous. I agree with what Sharon Kay says. That would look great...Sandy

Lee-ann said...

The chairs are stunning and I too think a table filled with wonderful memories will go well with your old chairs.

Infact I love your loungeroom as well. Sorry but I enjoyed the peek around your room. :o)

Finn said...

Hi Miss Maggie, just dropping in to say hello. I tried to leave a comment by your yarn plying, not sure if Blogger ever accepted it or not..*S*
The yard, the rovings, all of it is just lovely.
You are doing so many things goodness!

The chairs look to be a great buy, and I think it would be a shame to paint them especially if they are authentic to the time they appear to represent. Of course they might be reproductions..always a possibility. Turning then over and looking at the underside is usually a pretty good indicator.

I do like the round table with a full length round tablecloth idea. And pictures in old frames. Or maybe a lamp in the window..? Whatever you do will be lovely, I'm sure. Hugs, Finn