Monday, May 29, 2006

I like this cute little couple of babies. Who ever thought this up had a good imagination and I need a smile tonight. I am up way to late. I've been bidding on e-bay and tracking down an author and a pretty teapot. Our air conditioning seems to have died the repairman tells us. So, we have the huge attic fan pulling in outside air and I'm hoping my allergies will stay 'sleeping dogs'. I've done sooo much ironing today and then we went out and bought me a Simplicity apron pattern that I've been wanting. The store closed at 6pm and we got there at 10 minutes till 6. Just enough time to get that pattern though I don't relish going in that close to closing time, but when the repairman stops by ....well, first things first.

Psalm 141:2 "Let my prayer be set forth before thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice." Once, when my heart was so stressed and heavy...God spoke to me through this verse. My Mum was in intensive care, having suffered one of her strokes and I was all alone and sorrow and worry pressed upon my heart and mind. I found an empty hallway, and there, by myself....I read some verses from my little Bible and this was the verse that God used to remind me that he knew all about it and my getting alone and making that effort to come to him was special to him. I remember feeling so in awe that God would speak to my heart and strengthen me...yea, comfort me. I wasn't alone in that hallway after all! My Mum recovered nicely from that particular stroke...oh that she would never have had to go through that. Her Mum had something like 19 strokes. When I get to remembering, well, some things are better left with God...they are too heavy for me to carry.


Mrs. Darling said...

Darling card!

Amy said...

I use to use ebay alot a few years ago but found the postage too expensive, there sure are some great finds to be found on there though. lovely card btw

Rachel said...

...I'm sure that you find it very satisfying to see all the "iron-ables" pressed and hanging nicely in the closets where they belong as I do. I was working on that as well during the early part of this weekend. (I knew a heat wave was coming this way.) Two weeks, though, and I'm sure I'll need to tackle that same stack again...:o) Have a great evening!