Friday, January 06, 2006

This is a corner of our bedroom, I've brought the rocker in for the winter and have given it a temporary home in this corner. Sorry I've not posted for a couple of days. The basement project has kept me busy, carrying books and canned goods and whatever! into my craft/sewing room for storage until the all-purpose room is done. The walls have to be dry-walled and we are planning on a set of interier French doors to seperate the laundry area from the 'new' room. They would let in alot of light which would be a plus for the laundry area. I'm excited about it...just a little, *smile* and hoping the menfolk will really make quick progress once my husband has a day off to do some work here. About the puzzle...its nice to know that we have so much in common and most of us have enjoyed gathering around the table...over a puzzle. Everyone had such nice comments and no one mentioned the nasty backache you can get if bending over the table for several hours. Ah well, maybe my age is 'telling'. We won't be glueing this together, though we have done that once. This one goes back in the box till next time. Blessings to you for stopping by. I'll be coming by to visit soon! Posted by Picasa


Dawn said...

Hi Maggie!
Nice to have you stop by. My MIL has an Amish rocker just like yours. Hers creeps when you rock in it. :o) They are so comfortable. We have local Amish who will make them specifically for you -
mmm...cello duets?...sounds good!Back in the day..I played in a quintet with two violins, viola, cello, and piano. That was fun! But like I said before, I would really have to start at square one, it has been that long.

Peggy said...

Love looking at your house, its so beautiful.I am going to try to cookies one day next week when I do my baking again. hugs

Maiju said...

Lovely pictures! i enjoyed them and maybe some day I'll have more time to read your blogs too. Blessings to you!