Saturday, January 07, 2006

Look how much I've gotten done so far. Wait one minute...I forgot, I've cross-stitched for several hours this afternoon and have at least half of the leaves done on the other side. What a difference a day makes! (and a new indoor 'sunlight' lamp helps). Posted by Picasa


Shelley said...

You sure do have a lot done! What I find with cross stitch is that you work so long and it doesn't look like you have much done. The thing is though, it takes time to make those tiny x's.

I've been working on my knitting lately. I'm starting socks for the first time, and while I am intimidated by them I am pursing because I want to learn how to make them. Right now I'm at the heel part...I think, at least for me, one of the hard parts.

When I get them done, I'll have a pic of them on my knitting/craft blog at I have there so far, a pic of the recent scarf I finished as well as some of the cards I've made (rubberstampped), and the sweater I made my nephew for Christmas. Since this is a new blog (last week) it will of course take time for me to get pics up because I need to make stuff first ;o) lol.

HomemakerAng said...

PLEASE give me more information about your new sun lamp, i have been thinking of buying one and would love to know feedback from one who has gone before me. TODAY is the 15th day in a row with zero sunshine! ITS TERRIBLE! We broke the state record per the weather man!


Ruth said...

wow, it looks terrific!!

Finn said...

Dear Miss Maggie, the stitching looks wonderful..and isn't it just the "best" to have good light to see by? I've copied down you cookie recipe. Oatmeal raisin are my absolutely MOST favorite cookie..I shall make some tomorrow..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Saija said...

hey friend ... looks like you've been the busy little bee! good exercise carrying stuff, isn't it?

i've been busy over here too, only i am making my house a complete MESS with looking through things, and slowly packing ... my mantra is still DOWNSIZE!! it makes me look at things, do i want to keep them? yes? no? that takes time!

as always you cheer me with the word of God so wonderfully woven into your posts! (hugs) to you, my dear Maggie Ann!

Shirley said...

I love cross stitching, I haven't picked mine up since before Christmas. Cross stitch is slow to do but I think the finished result is worth it.

Yours is looking great!

Me said...

Lovely cross stitch!

And I hate to do this to you.. but someone has to suffer..

You've been tagged!