Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Soli Deo Gloria

Soli Deo Gloria Come and have a blessing !!


Dawn said...

How sweet is that???? Thanks for the heads up to check it out.

Saija said...

i was over there too and just smiled from ear to ear, looking at the cute pics linda posted ... she really captures the sweetest, doesn't she?

hope you aren't stressing re the baking and cleaning and decorating! make sure you take care of yourself too!

our house sold ... yikes!

Isabelle said...

That was precious! Thank you my friend for telling us about it.

You are right Maggie, what matters isn't the number of cookies you bake but the spirit in which you baked them, and in which you get ready for the Birthday of our Saviour!

Thank you ever so much for your sweet notes over on my blog... I always love hearing from you. And thank you for your encouragement lately... Your thoughts mean a lot to me.

I am happy as I finished my little sister's quilt yesterday night! I follow your advice and try to get all my gifts done with serenity - I don't want any stress to interfere with my gift-making - only sheer love and caring! I feel so blessed with Jesus's Love and I simply try to share that feeling of love with my dear ones.

Your daughter and her family are due to arrive tomorrow... you must be so happy! I'll be thinking of you during that blessed time of smiles and hugs and talking!

Have a blessed day, my friend!

Dawn said...

Thanks for stopping by, Maggie Ann. Your encouragement means much to this blogger newbie!


sparrow's song said...

Thank you for the wonderful link!! I've bookmarked her blog.