Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I really like this picture. You can see the rain on the windshield. Oh it was quite the miserable day....but it had its beauties too! We had a fabulous lunch at a special restaurant. Paper doily under the glass teacup and burgers as big as a saucer with carmalized onion on it. Sooo good. The tea was Cinnamon Twist....Justin Lloyd. Has anyone ever heard of this brand? This was the best tea I've ever had! Posted by Picasa


Peggy said...

Maggie the picture is nice and I have never heard of that tea but am going to try and track some down.. will let you know.

Saija said...

i like the picture too ... it really gives the feel of the weather ... yet i bet it was nice and cozy in the vehicle! :o)

it is great that you make the best of it, regardless of the weather! (hugs)!!!

my vintage days said...

Never heard of it, but it sounds wonderful.
Hey, I bought a learn how to knit kit last week...I've been having fun, but much more practice is needed...LOL Even my kids have been enjoying it.

Maggie Ann said...

Peggy, I did find the tea on a google is sooo good, I think I will be ordering some = ).
Hi Saija, it was interesting to see the city glistening with rain, and all the reflections of traffic lights and things. Got some great pics!
Hi Gina L., how fun to knit! The selection of yarns they have now are out of this world, and they are so luxurious feeling. I was in a fab yarn shop yesterday admiring the goodies. I wanted a hat but for $28.....hmmm, I think I'll knit it myself.