Sunday, October 16, 2005

'Some golden daybreak....sorrow will cease. Some golden morning all will be peace;....heartaches all ended, Labor all done,...Heaven will open....Jesus will come...Chorus; Some golden daybreak Jesus will come; Some golden daybreak, battles all won, He'll shout the victory...break thro' the blue,....Some golden daybreak, for me, for you. written by Carl Blackmore by inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God. This picture happens to be a sunset, but it could be a sunrise, its beauty stirs my soul...the the hope of His coming stirs my very being. Posted by Picasa


Saija said...

i love the sunset! like the song says, "some golden daybreak" ... the one i posted was fiery in it's colours ... and i've been longing for the Lord's return too ... what a hope we have!

Robert said...

Thanks for the quotation of "Some Golden Daybreak," written by the Blackmores, father and son. I can remember singing the chorus with my parents at camp, more that 60 years ago.

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