Monday, October 24, 2005

A pic of the kitchen with the old wallpaper border which I did like....but it wasn't bright enough for me. The mouldings still aren't finished here. Must have been sunshiny the day this was taken, I see alot of prism reflections on the wall, even one big one in the dining room, which probably came from the stained glass piece hanging in the front window. I may not leave these posted but a day or two... Posted by Picasa


Me said...

Lovely to see your pictures, MaggieAnn.. :o) And nice to be back around too.. bitter sweet though it is, because I'm only back on line because my parents have gone home now.

You have a beautiful home... :o)

Me said...

OH... meant to say.. your photos made me think of something which I know you would like... could you e-mail me sometime?

Carol said...

Hi Maggie Ann,

I can see what you mean about your new border being brighter, but I would have chosen the old border with the houses, it's such a nice country theme, love it! Your home looks very cosy though. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

Isabelle said...

Dear Maggie Ann,

It is lovely to look at your home, thank you for the pictures! Your home seems a lovely haven of peace and sweetness. When I have a house one day I hope it'll be along that taste!