Monday, October 10, 2005

A little bit about the Recital. My cello teacher teachs cello various places and one of them had a String Faculty Recital Saturday. We were so glad we went in spite of the car trouble. It was fabulously beautiful. All three teachers wore red and black. My teacher...of course, was gorgeous! She had on a red chiffon type skirt with a black blouse with red flowers, and red shoes. I was so in awe, listening to this trio, believe me, there is no way I can describe what a treat it was to be there and experience this. They played Beethoven...String Trio, OP.9,No.1 and 4 other pieces too. Oh what rich memories of that afternoon. A special thanks to my Hubby for driving us there in spite of fatigue and the car acting up and pouring down rain on the way home. We had both burnt the candle at both ends the night before, laying a new carpet in my sewing room and his bathroom. Work, and more work. That old carpet needed replaced badly though. I'm glad its gone. Can't wait to work on Peggy's collage now. Posted by Picasa

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