Saturday, August 13, 2005

Still thinking of my favorite authors over the years, this one is among the 'footer' stones of the foundation. My favorite character is of course 'Miss Read and Mrs. Pringle'. There is something very real about the day to day life presented in these stories. In short, they are old friends. I absolutely love the illustrations picturing Mrs. Pringle, full of indignation and sour moods, while she limps about on her bad? leg whilst in her bad moods. And Miss Read, toughing it out, putting on a happy face during the trying times, and savoring every moment of the good days.....Last night we watched "The Yearling" on tv, starring Gregory Peck and oooh, I can't remember Jane (here it comes) Wyman. I kept dabbing the tears away, but what a beautiful story, sad but so poignant. When Jody returns home after running away and tells his Pa, I didn't really mean it when I said I hated you and Ma, his Pa looks at him cherishingly, and says "When I was a child, I spake as a child". What a beautiful picture of parental love, and of God's love for us. I can't help the comparison, really, for doesn't the Bible teach us...."God is love". Posted by Picasa


ms*robyn said...

this looks like a good book.. must look out for it.

Calidore said...

Read that book and loved it. I am lucky our Local library has quite a few of these books, so everynow and then I reborrow them to catch up with old friends.