Saturday, June 18, 2005

A pretty kolanche, now that spelling may be wrong, but you get the idea! I've come across some great places while surfing the web and want to share them. Interested in this one? An earthcam of streaming video from Times Square, NYC. I love it!!!! Go to and click on NYC, when that loads, click on 'cam 1' for streaming video....Another great find this week was the new search engine Yahoo has how about a neat site about the Titanic ocean liner that sank? The sounds of an ocean fill your ears as you click your way along, looking at slides of dishs and such preserved from the tragedy. You can view this in a few minutes and it is really interesting. May I suggest you copy and paste this url in your browser = )  Posted by Hello


jettybetty said...

My hubby sits in front of the computer and watches the live feed from Times Square, he just loves it. We love NYC and I think his body is here as he watches, but his mind is defintely in NYC.
Glad you have had fun finding some new internet sights! There are some great ones!

kay susan said...

I've always called this plant 'flaming Katy'.