Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Back to Ashville, NC. This is behind the Grove Park Inn and open to the public. It used to be filled with looms, down both sides of the building, but somewhere along the line, it was turned into a place to store the owners car collection. Each of these cars are in running order and are started 'up' every 3 months. I enjoyed this place alot. And......on the home front, the 80 degree weather forced us to turn on the air conditionding, which I kind of hate to do because of my cello pegs. Changes in temp can cause they to contract and pop looose. Bad news when that happens, because if you happen to break a string while tuning (which happens sometimes) you are about to lose approx. $30. Ouch!'s my knitting going, you ask ? well, I'm not to the half-way point yet, I've about 15 rows to go before I start getting to go down the other side by decreasing. Then the fun part starts, the lace edging.  Posted by Hello

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