Monday, April 11, 2005

Feeding America

Thanks to '' I enjoyed a visit to 'Feeding America'. I leafed through an old Swedish-English cookbook that has parallel columns. One half the page is printed in Swedish and the other half in English. I jotted down 3 different recipes for cornbread to try. I thought it very attention-getting when I read that baking powder, soda and cream of tartar may be impure and the book gives a test for purity. Put a teaspoon of the former into a glass of water. If pure it will dissolve and if not there will be a 'gathering' on the bottom of the glass. Its possible for these baking favorites to have sand !! And another impure ingredient in them (can't remember the 2nd one). Anyway, its really amazing to read a cookbook that old. They had cooking 'wisdom' for sure!

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