Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A bit of tatting. I enjoy the varigated colors in this bookmark. Even though I could have improved the tassle quality, still, those colors strike a pleasing chord with me. Time to start another bit of tatting.~~~A bit of poetry~~~Take joy home, and make a place in thy great heart for her.......and give her time to grow.......and cherish her!......Then will she come and often sing to thee when thou art working........Jean Ingelow. Posted by Hello


Me said...

That bookmark is just beautiful! Tatting is one thing I haven't tried to learn yet.. so I think you're very talented!

Saija said...

love the bookmark, Maggie Ann ... you have such patience for doing that type of work! and the picture from S. Africa is kind of like Oklahoma or our Alberta high country ... cool ... i'm glad you are sharing them ... :)

you've been posting more these past days, i had a few to read, a pleasant surprise!

Lord bless you! as only HE can!