Saturday, February 05, 2005

Sharing Someplace Nice

This site is great. I enjoy photography of different places and want to pass it on in case you have never heard of it, maybe you have. It has an outline of the U.S. and thumbprints of various states and photos you can choose from. I have been enjoying Juno's picks of the day for popular web sites. Another one I really thought was nice for kids was They have nice games :-) Enjoy, if you have time.


Saija said...

hey there! i love the pics of your curtains that you posted on the post below ... i had some red ones that my mom crochet'd for me years back ... currently, in our bedroom i have these neat ones that were made on a small loom by an aunt in Finland ... i LOVE homemade stuff ... :o)

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Saija, these curtains aren't homemade but they are pretty and cast a neat shadow. Some years back Mom made me some crocheted cafe curtains that I used for a long time. They were very homey. The curtains your Aunt made you sound very special! I enjoy your comments, thanks for visiting me :-)