Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Knitting Gauge

There may be hope for my knitting gauge. I am now "swatching" using a larger size needle on the purl rows, and I do see improvement, though I am still 1/4 inch shy of what I need. So...I'll up the needle size once more, but only for the purl rows. I would sure like to get knitting something real, instead of all these swatches. I see the sun just made its cheerful appearance, thats a plus for me :-). My goal for today after devotions, is to make apple pies, and after they cool, freeze them in individual pieces. That means we can pop a slice of frozen pie in the microwave for 2 minutes anytime and have hot pie quickly. Talk about a treat, and they are great for my husbands lunches. Thanks J, for letting me see the baby via webcam, make my day anytime :-).....The article in www.usnews.com about the "Bush Poster Child" was nice to read. Little Sophia has a place in history and in the President's heart.

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