Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A New Read

I just started a new book, and am almost halfway through it. It is soooo good. I can hardly put it down (no wondor I'm not getting any knitting done)but......spending time with Mom yesterday and going for a haircut helped to eat up my day. (more excuses ). We stopped at Barnes and Noble and I hovered over a couple of knitting books I am hoping to buy on EBay. I did find them but one of them looked a little tattered in the sellers picture and the other was almost the price of a new one. There is something so peaceful about knitting, untill I make a mistake and my eyes fill up with tears as I realize I have to do the impossibly hard task of ripping my tranquility out of existence and doing so exactly within the pattern. Whew !! what a job for a novice without any teacher handy. To give credit where the credit belongs, I know if God where not with me, helping me, I would be paying $$$ for help. I have come close to yelling "uncle" for sure, but send up ernest prayer that He hears and answers. Thankyou Jesus!......Back to this book I am reading, "If I gained the world" by Linda Nichols.....Is a story about an unwed Mom who is a genuine person, loving and truehearted, oh I just can't do this book justice. It's one I would love to own, and am sorry to see the author has only one other book published. Sometimes though I expect an author to keep churning out one awesome book after another and ......maybe yes...and maybe no. This book is Christian fiction and a Crossings Book Club Edition. If you are a reader....This is a 5 my book.

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