Monday, August 02, 2004

A felted purse I designed and made. I am too tired to go check the yarn label, I think it was the Brown Sheep something. Words fail to express the pleasure I enjoyed from the wonderful color and texture of the yarn as I used the purse. I also knit and felted a hot pink purse and left it in the washing machine a little.......too long....and you know what happened. Its more the size of a wallet with a strap. I should donate it to Good Will, but can't bring myself to part with it, selfish me!! I loved knitting these and plan to do more. I know this teal colored purse isn't quite square, but....thats the way it turned out and I loved it anyway. Posted by Hello

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jag said...

You are amazing and I love everything you do. You are so talented and I love you. I just looked over everything you posted. You even took pictures of the cukes and they look good even if they are tasteless. The painted doily is way cool. I would have never imagined something made out of thread could be that pretty. I like the colors of your new dishcloth too. Keep on crafting lady!!!! I wish I was walking thru the back yard just so I could see your flowers. They are so pretty. xoxo Julie