Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday and Me

Well, the applesauce cake is history. My family devoured it (with my help of course).I want to make some sweet pickles in the frig, no boiling anything. That's my kind of recipe. We are getting about, oh......16 cukes from the garden and more on the way. One problem. Last year's variety was a seedless variety, and oh boy were they good. Not so this year. They are fairly seedless, but no flavor. I got a big dose of disappointment when I first tasted one. I felt as if someone had cheated me. Oh well, life goes on. I am actually going to try to finish my dishcloth today, hurrah for me....and, I have started buying the Coats and Clark threads for my own "Painted Doiley". Even my husband said my friend's WIP of it was a masterpiece.So, here I come. I think J's idea of using some of the thread colors on bobbins is great and she gave me the idea of nailing 3 skinny nails to a board, and putting the bobbins on those nails to keep the thread from tangling. Maybe I'll post a picture of that when I do it. I told her all I would need to do then was nail the board-bobbin holder to my dining room table and I would be all set!!!! (just kidding of course) :-)

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